Veehoo Elevated Large Dog Bed



Veehoo Elevated Large Dog Bed

  • SIZE: Comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Check out the size guide below.
  • MATERIAL: Mesh and Powder-Coated Steel.
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: It can bear a maximum weight of around 150 pounds. This means it is suitable for dogs of any species!
  • THICK FOAM: Our beds are installed with an extremely thick foam that provides comfort and warmth to your dog, with no cold conducting form the floor anymore.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: It is lightweight and portable with no screws or wrenches required to start using. It can be your perfect pick to make your dog rest when you are out for a picnic, beech party, or a family BBQ.
  • NO ANXIETY FOR DAMAGE: It says goodbye to the aniety of pet owners whose dog scratch everything with their powerful claws. THe outer material is washable, anti-scratch, and does not lose color or fibres.
elavated dog bed cooling pet cot raised bed

Textilene Mesh Mat

elevated dog bed



elavated dog bed cooling pet cot raised bed