StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Large Dog Toy



StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Large Dog Toy

  • Exercises and feeds your dog at the same time
  • The Large bottom Chamber fits up to 3 cups of Food – enough for a full meal
  • Adjustable openings at the top and bottom accommodate most types of dog Food and allow you to regulate the difficulty level
  • Weighted anti-slip bottom makes the toy wobble erratically enticing your dog to play

From the manufacturer

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Starmark Animal Behavior Center

Located on a 365-acre ranch outside of Austin, TX, our state of the art facility features two hundred climate controlled indoor/outdoor kennels, swimming pool, adventure trail, dog park, indoor climate controlled training building, and more. In addition to luxury boarding services, we offer custom programs for companion obedience to specialized training.

Starmark Pet Products

As the facilitator of world-class education and training programs for dogs and professional dog trainers, we understand how dogs think, play, and learn—this hands-on knowledge makes our products unique. Our goal is simple: keeping pets happy in their homes by improving relationships with their owners

Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers

Starmark Academy has graduated over two thousand students from around the world specializing in the art and science of dog training. As part of our educational commitment, Starmark has trained over four thousand rescue dogs and donated over five million dollars in products and services to needy dogs and shelters.

mental stimulation

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interctive play

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Help keep pets mentally engaged in an activity they enjoy, foster natural hunting and foraging behaviors, and help prevent destructive boredom behaviors. Use with Starmark Treats or kibble to turn mealtime into playtime.

Starmark Treats are made in USA with edible, highly digestible, ingredients, and no plastics or polymers. These treats can be eaten as a snack, or use them inside the Starmark Mental Stimulation toys.

Interactive play is important to keep your dog fit physically and mentally. Starmark Interactive Play toys are designed for you and your dog to play together.

The professional training and behavior specialists at Starmark Academy develop Starmark’s Training Tools to help promote effective communication with your dog, and shape desired behaviors.