Paw Lifestyles – Large Dog Treat Training Pouch



Paw Lifestyles – Large Dog Treat Training Pouch

  • SIZE: 48 inches


  • MULTIFUNCTION STORAGE BAG FOR DOGS: When you are on a walk with your dog, this bag will accommodate everything you will require on this SHORT TRIP. Training treats, dog toys, and dog poop bags, it will carry everything in a very compact space with easy-to-manage zips. Not only that, it will also store your mobile phone, cash, and keys. Perfect, right?
  • DURABLE AND WASHABLE MATERIAL: It is made up of nylon that makes it durable and washable too. This material withstands  The bag has high-quality zippers and metal hooks to hang the straps.
  • 3 STYLISH WAYS TO WEAR: It can be worn around your back, on your wrist, and can be hanged on your shoulders. Choose the style that fits you!
  • DOG POOP BAG DISPENSER: When your dog poops, you don’t have to panic to find the waste bag. It has an easily-accessible dog poop bag dispenser that allows you to PLUCK out bags at once.

Large Dog World is dedicated to creating ease and joy for their customers and their dogs. Don’t you think you should get one dog pouch to carry all its necessities? Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and get started!