Majestic Pet Super Value Large Dog Bed Pillow



Majestic Pet Super Value Large Dog Bed Pillow

  • SIZE: For budget-constraint owners of small to medium-sized dogs, this could be the perfect pick. Its size is 46 inches long and 36 inches wide.
  • WEIGHT: It can withstand a weight range from 45 to 70 lbs.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: This dog bed is assembled in the USA and filled with environment-friendly PR that is free from allergins and toxins.
  • WASHABLE BED: THe special feature is that this entire bed is machine washable. Simply put the bed into an open-drum washing machine and allow gentle washing. It dries off quickly so that you can reuse it ASAP!

From the manufacturer

If you do not have a very large space to fill up with your house or your pocket money is short these days but you still cannot compromise on the comfort of your dog, this is the best pick for you. Without compromising on the quality, we are offering you a decent mattress for your dogs that is full of comfort and luxury.