Large Dog House Door Flap



Large Dog House Door Flap

Home is what gives you a sense of possession and ownership. Though your entire house belongs to your dog just like it belongs to you, dogs feel more comfortable if they are given a proper space to enjoy their privacy. To make your dog’s lives even better, Large Dog World is bringing you highly-rated and low-maintenance dog homes. This not only gives your pet a sense of possession but also puts out dirt and rain.


  • It is easy to assemble and is made up of polyvinyl material that doesn’t conduct heat and keeps its home temperature suitable.
  • It has two models, for large dogs and for extra large dogs. Check out the model number @-01702 and W-01708 for each, respectively.
  • The material is weather-resistant. No matter if it is scorchingly sunny, rainy, or dusty, your dog will be safe.