JoicyCo Large Dog Bed



JoicyCo Large Dog Bed

A normal dog sleeps at least 12 hours a day and puppies and old dogs sleep for up to 18 hours. FOr such long sleeping hours, there must be a comfortable surface for uninterrupted and pleasant sleep. Large Dog World is dedicated to making your and your pet’s life better. We offer premium quality warm and comfy dog beds that your furry friend would really love!

  • DIMENSIONS: 39 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 3 inches thick dog bed.
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Red and grey.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CLOTH: The bed has been covered by a premium quality breathable cloth that is the best for your dog in every season and makes it safe from toxicity and allergies.
  • ORTHOPEDIC FOAM: The foam installed inside is medicated and rebounds well. No matter how long your healthy dog sleeps on it, it would not deform or lose its shape.
  • WASHABLE and PORTABLE: The outer cover of this dog bed is washable. You can carry this mattress for traveling in your car. .

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This high-quality fleece does not lose its tiny fibers that may enter into the dog’s nasal cavity and cause discomfort. There is no chance of fading or shrinking of the cloth.


This dense 3-inch foam stops cold from conducting to your dog’s skin from the floor. It is the best treatment for an old dog’s spine.


It has a unique texture and sophisticated looks with a zipper that would allow you to remove the external cover and wash it easily. It is not bite-friendly.

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