Furhaven Pet - Round Large Dog Orthopedic Bed Cave



Furhaven Pet – Round Large Dog Orthopedic Bed Cave

  • SIZE: Its base is 44 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Blue, Expresso, Cream, Grey, and pink.
  • COMFORTABLE SURFACE: The sleeping surface is the most comfortable of all the beds with a blanket-like exterior. This adds on to the comfort of your dog.
  • RELIF TO ARTHRITIS: THis provides relief to the pain in joints, muscles, and bones of your dog after getting through a joyful and a weary day.
  • COVER TO AVOID COLD NIGHTS: It has a cover on the top that would save your dog from getting struck by icy winds of the winter. It is so comfortable that you would wish to take a nap in it, but poor you! The dog would not leave its comfy bed at any cost!
  • EASY WASH: The external cover can be removed by the zippers and washed easily I the washing machine. You can dry it off to reuse it quickly. This leaves no chance for allergin and toxins.
  • WARRANTY: This product comes with a 90 days warranty of material damage. Please note that this bed is not suitable for aggressive chewers.
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