Epioneer Training Shock Collar for Large Dogs



Epioneer Training Shock Collar for Large Dogs

  • WATERPROOF & SHOCKPROOF RECEIVER: The training collar’s receiver is waterproof and has an LCD display It is the best thing to take when you are going out for jogging. You can enjoy your own company while your dog plays out, without the fear of being lost.
  • DOG SAFETY: We have introduced the technology that doesn’t affect your dog nor gives a severe shock that may damage its skin or the nervous system.
  • LONG RUNNING BATTERY: It takes only 1-2 hours to charge completely. Once fully charged, it runs perfectly for at least 15 days. However, we recommend not to use the collar for more than 4 hours on your dog.
  • WIDE RANGE: You can control your pet from a distance as long as 330 feet. This is fairly long enough to rely on.
  • 3 TRAINING MODES: This uses 3 modes of training; a beep, vibration Level 1-8, and vibration level 9-16. CHoose the one that fits you and your dog.


  1. Don’t forget to install the click contact point. If the collar is used without installing it, the electric shock will cause severe pain to your dog.
  2. Do not use electric shock mode when your dog is wet.
  3. Do not use the training collar on your dog for more than 4 hours.
  4. Make sure you do not wear the receiver for a very long time.
  5. If your dog behaves abnormally, adjust the training collar at once.

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Maximum control distance 330ft

One remote control can control two dogs

Three training modes

Long range: 330ft

Based on infrared technology, this remote-control dog collar allows you to enjoy training time with pets within 330 feet, which is ideal for taking the dog out to play.

Control 2 dogs using 1 remote

With the safety control function of independent control buttons, you can easily switch back and forth between two dogs, so that you save the money of buying a dog training collar for each dog,

Three training modes

Dog electric training collar, there are three training modes (hummingbird beep, vibration, and an electric shock. The electric shock mode has 16 adjustable intensity levels. We recommend to start with a lower level and increase as per requirement.

Contact point

Multi-function charging, long standby

The IPX7 rain dog shock collar

Contact point for safe shock

These contact points are in contact with the body of the dog for a shock. They are metallic materials and are more durable than plastics. They are the best conductors of the electric current with the least waste of energy. We also provide special electric shock contact points for long-haired dogs, so you can control your LONG-HAIRED BEASTS the very same way!

Long-running battery

People fear that they will have to charge the training collars besides charging their phones daily. SO, the best part is, you will have to charge it only once per 15 days, and that too for a maximum of 2 hours. The design concept of our dog training collar is environmental protection and energy-saving. It has an ultra-long standby time and the best part is, these are environment-friendly. 

The IPX7 rain dog shock collar

The IPX7 rain dog shock collar is completely waterproof and works in the swimming pool and rain. However, it is recommended that if the dog is wet, please do not use the electric shock method, because water is a conductor of electric current. This is to avoid unnecessary damage to the dog.

dog training collar