EMME Dog Bed for Large Dogs Orthopedic



EMME Dog Bed for Large Dogs Orthopedic


  • PERFECT DESIGN: This bed is served with a comfy headrest and corners that add on to your dog’s comfort. Its amazing and sophisticated looks would attract your dog and will act as a cherry on the top of your home decor.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This bed is supposed to last as long as you can expect. This is not something that would lose its color or shape. The foam and the covering have a long life and can bear with a tremendous amount of weight.
  • REMOVABLE & SOFT COVER: With this EMME Dog bed, cleaning is no more an issue for a pet owner. ALl you have to do is to remove the outer covering, wash it in a washing machine, dry it and cover the bed again. It may take just a few hours to sanitize your dog’s bed. Moreover, extremely soft fleece material adds softness and comfort to your dog’s bed.
EMME Couch Pet Bed


EMME Couch Pet Bed has installed in it a high-quality orthopedic foam that relieves joint and muscular pain of our dog. If it tastes sleeping on it the whole night once, sleeping on the floor would become its worst nightmare. Don’t you think your innocent child deserves this?

strong support for large dog



Large Size

X-Large Size

Suitable for dogs that weigh up to 95 lbs.