DEStar Large Dog Agility Equipment



DEStar Large Dog Agility Equipment

  • Brand: DEStar
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Blue and Yellow
  • DURABILITY: This kit is made to last forever with you and your dog! The tunnel is made up of 190T PE fabric. It has amazing stretchability and will never be torn by paws or teeth. The material is 100% environment-friendly and non-toxic as well as non-allergic for your dog.
  • GREAT ACTIVITY FOR YOUR DOG: Mostly, when dogs are left to live a sedentary lifestyle, they become hypertensive and abnormal in their behavior. Therefore, besides providing agility to your dogs, this kit makes it more joyful, active, and lose those extra pounds that were the gift of doing NOTHING the whole day.
  • GREAT OWNER-PET CHEMISTRY: You always fantasize about developing an extremely strong bond with your pet. Getting it a training kit can actually be helpful in developing deep chemistry. Don’t trust us? Try getting yourself and your dog one!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: This kit has A LOT OF THINGS however, this does not mean that it is difficult to assemble. The tunnel has 2 webbings so that if your kid falls down, it doesn’t get hurt. The kit has everything it takes to assemble it.


  • One 55.12 inches long tunnel
  • 8 double-colored obstacle bars with ground nails installed
  • Point-pause box
  • 10 stainless steel L-shaped ground nails
  • Two carrier bags
  • Poles
  • Oxford bag for nails