COLLAR Professional Large Dog Training Equipment and Bonus



COLLAR Professional Large Dog Training Equipment and Bonus

  • HARMLESS: These Dog puller rings are more than just a toy. They can be used to float, bounce, jump, and play. They will help your bestfriend learn swimming too.
  • FOR BIG & MEDIUM DOGS: Puller is the best gift for big and medium-sized dogs to play around joyfully despite their heavy mass.
  • CAN BE USED FOR DIFFERENT GAMES: It can be used for fetch and throw, tug of war, and catching games for the dogs.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR DOG-LOVER FRIEND: If you have a friend or a partner who loves playing with his dogs, it could be the best gift he or she can ever imagine!
  • ENERGY CONSUMING ACTIVITY: The set of two puller rings take up a lot of calories out of your dog. Based upon calculations, playing with it daily for 20 minutes is like running continuously for 3 miles.


Although it is made up of durable material, however, make sure the rings are not left unattended as bites on the ring can completely destroy it.