AIMPIRE Large Dog Chew Toys



AIMPIRE Large Dog Chew Toys

  • Dog chew toys. Durable and sturdy Chewing toys for medium dogs and large breed even aggressive chewers .Dog chew toy as dog toothbursh can help clean teeth(dental calculus) and control plaque and tartar.Play and chew the toy everyday to let the dogs brush the teeth themselves and improve dental hygiene.
  • Squeaky dog toy. Featured with a buil-in squeaker,not just a chew toy also fun to chase and fetch. A playful interactive dog toy to kill boredom and release pressure.
  • Durable dog toys safe materials. Made of 100% natural rubber and food grade material, make it safe and healthy for your dogs to chew and bite. With a appealing milk aroma of the product itself, it is attractive to dogs.Tough dog toy for medium and large breed.Almost indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers
  • Unique Design for better cleaning.With unique alligator design,The bristles in the mouth of dog toy are designed to clean the dog’s teeth and tongue. Rubber granular cleaner under the eyes can be used to massage dogs’ gums.Make it a great chew toy and teething cleaning for your dogs.A great dog toothbrush for daily use.
  • Easy to clean and excellent after-sale service. Easy to clean after use with the small brush attached. Free replacement after-sales service if you have any issue of the product.

Product Description

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We Know You Love Your Pet More.

Dental Cleaning Toy

Doy Squeaky Toy

Daily Enrichment

Dog Dental Cleaning

A chew toy for daily use.100% natural rubber, food grade material, daily chewing can help brush dogs’ teeth and fresh the breath. Unique design of the product can help clean the teeth and gums using the special shape design.

Dog Squeaky Toy

Also a great Dog squeaky toy.With the build-in squeaker, help to kill boredom, lower separation anxiety and release stress. Make sound when chewing or playing to bring more fun.

Daily Enrichment

A dog toy of daily entertainment, fun to chew and also fun to fetch, multiple way to play with your lovely dog everyday, bring enjoyable experience and spend some quality time together.

how to use

Every dog have an instinct need of chewing. This is why every dog need chew toys or dog bones. This great chew toys helps satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs. Dog togs are also essential to release boredom and pressure,our product provides mental stimulation.

Why you choose our chewing toothbrush toy for your lovely dogs ?

Durable, Tough, Especially designed for medium and large breed dogs even aggressive chewers.

Unique shape design help better cleaning and appealing milk aroma to gain attentions.

A squeaky toy as well with build-in squeaker, twist the toy to make sounds and play with your lovely dogs.

100% natural rubber and food-grade material make it totally safe and healthy for daily play.

Keep dogs’ mentally and physically stimulated and, most importantly, away from shoes and furniture

Warm Tips:

Squeeze some toothpaste on the dog chewing toy would help better cleaning. Would be more attractive to dogs if spread some peanut butter.3- 5 minutes each time for playing the chewing toy is highly recommended.

NOTE:This toy is not for small puppy and extremely aggressive chewer.