Large Dog Bed 7-inch Thick High Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam



Large Dog Bed 7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam

  • DIMENSIONS: 50 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 7 inches thick dog bed.
  • ANTI-ALLERGY & ORTHOPEDIC FOAM: This foam is medicated and orthopedic with no chance of causing allergy or hypersensitivity reaction to your dog.
  • PAIN RELIEF: When your pet rests on its bed after a joyful day, it would be the best treatment for its muscle fatigue and joints pain.
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION: It has two covers, interior, and exterior. The Interior is water-resistant and doesn’t allow water to wet the foam. The exterior is removable and washable.
kopeks pillow bed
memory foam dog bed

What does this package Include?

  • Comfy orthopedic foam
  • Waterproof inner cover
  • Outer washable cover

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow

Includes Waterproof Inner Protector & Removable Cover

Send your furry friend off to dreamland in the KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed.

Thanks to its 100% orthopedic-grade, hypoallergenic memory foam-the same quality used in high-end mattresses-it not only provides complete support for a more restful sleep but can also help soothe joint and muscle discomfort for pups with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint conditions.

  • Its two water-resistant zippered covers protect against messes and can be easily washed
  • Its snuggle-friendly, soft plush cover will turn sleepy time into cozy time for your pooch
  • An anti-slip rubber bottom will keep the bed in place






It has two layers of coverings that provide resistance to water. The outer covering is removable and washable, leaving no chance of contamination for your dog.


The bottom of this bed is made up of anti-slip rubber that stops slipping in any scenario and provides uninterrupted sleep to the dog.


It is a medicated foam that is completely free from allergic or toxic materials.